Kodiak Cakes

I love a good pancake after my morning run. There’s just something homey about a sweet dense, but also fluffy, flapjack covered in nut butter and syrup. As of late, my favorite brand is Kodiak Cakes. I first tried these pancakes after my longest run back from taking a significant break. So I was really hungry! I was also on my “runner’s brain” and didn’t have much energy left for thinking. These pancakes were perfect because all I had to do was add water, stir and cook.

The macronutrient breakdown is pretty swell. As an athlete, I’m not super crazy about getting all the correct nutrients because my diet is large enough that it would be hard to miss most major things (carbs, fats, proteins) however, it is nice when I don’t have to worry about replenishing my energy and immediately start to rebuild myself after a hard effort.

14g of protein per serving

30g carbohydrates

2g of fat

Adding some nut butter and syrup, mmm what a perfect breakfast for those of us who want the luxury of pancakes without too much effort.

I like their buttermilk and mountain oat pancakes the best actually, but there are many different kinds that make breakfast even more fancy. I have tried almost all (dark chocolate, peanut butter, almond poppy, pumpkin, mountain oat and buttermilk) and can say they are all MUST BUY AGAIN!

Check out my IG: @gazzellieeeats for my pancake creations, I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of them!