Some people, just need to talk…

In my life, I’ve found the most insight into solving problems, both personal and professional, by talking to someone. This person could be a friend, coworker or even a stranger, who just lets me speak, without judgement or offering any advice until I’ve had my say or I’ve asked. Often, they just hear me. They listen. They don’t tell me I’m wrong, but maybe help me see through the “crisis” I’ve built up in my mind. These people, the faceless people who are just in the right place and listen at the right time, are invaluable.

I believe we all have certain things we’ve been called to do. Whether we end up in a job that illuminates those skills or not, I believe it is purposeful to at least attempt to use these innate skills to help others. Some people are brilliant. Some people are creative. Some people have a way with words. Some have a way with food. I believe I can listen, usually without judgement until I hear the whole thing. Even then, I believe I can be rational, and help that person at least feel more comfortable, that their voice has been heard. I may not be able to solve a problem or have tons of advice, especially if it is not asked for, but I believe putting a voice to a problem, crisis or issue helps to solve it. In some small way, this begins the process toward working through a difficult situation.

I would like to hold space for you. If you have any problem, issue or just feel anxious about something, never hesitate to email me. Please use the form below and specify if you’d like an email or phone call response. I will set up a time to talk with you. No compensation, nothing. This is my gift, it was given freely to me, I would like to give freely to others.

I hold a health coaching certification, graduating from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2017. This is not a substitute for a licensed medical practitioner, therapist, psychologist, sports nutritionist, registered dietician or doctor. If you are in a crisis situation or need immediate medical support or attention, please call 911, your doctor or contact:

National Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255

Free Therapy:

Mental Health Hotline:


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