Get to know Gazzellie


Ellie is a competitive distance runner living in Ithaca, NY. In addition to running, eating and napping, she also actually has a couple jobs! She works at a popular bagel and sandwich shop and a local gym, in addition to various social media and marketing gigs.

Ellie has been running for about 6 years, picking up the sport after moving to Ithaca when she was done with college. No, she didn’t graduate and has simply accepted that college isn’t for everyone. A life-long learner, Ellie is a student of the library and holds a Ph.D in Google.

After running casually for a few years, Ellie loosely trained for the local Ithaca half marathon and ended up winning it, twice. It was after that her dedication to the sport intensified and she decided to tackle a full marathon.

Ellie ran the Buffalo marathon in 2016, placing 3rd with a time of 2:53:55. After that race, a rough summer of fast paced work left her burned out so she decided to tackle an ultramarathon as a fun run.

She ran the Watergap 50k, placing 1st with a time of 4:06, she then ran the Mendon Ponds 50k, placing first with a course record of 4:20 (ish).

During this time, she joined the Red Newt Racing team under the guidance of Ian Golden, owner of the Finger Lakes Running and Triathlon Company. After her initial success in 50ks, she was given the opportunity to fly to California to race the North Face Endurance 50M championships alongside many elite competitors. She placed 15th.

The next two years had her focusing on ultra races, having some success and also doing a lot of learning. She won and ran Many on the Genny, a 40 mile race, twice. Got 3rd at the Cayuga Trails 50M championship race, and also DNFed the Green Lakes Endurance 50k and Twisted Branch 100k due to injuries.

After Twisted Branch in 2018, Ellie decided she needed a mental and physical break from running super long distances. She took about a month off running completely, and then began to build her speed back up.

The fall of 2018 focused on racing half marathons and learning what it means to be fast on the roads again.

She is currently training to get faster and see what her body can do at the Buffalo Marathon this Spring.