Performance Nut Butter

I had just started my food Instagram when Travis from Performance Nut Butter reached out to me. He offered, kindly, to send me some of his product for me to try and review for him. I was blown away with the thoughtfulness, so of course I agreed.

“Performance Nut Butter is a delicious Macadamia, Coconut and Cashew blended nut butter that contains just a hint of Himalayan Sea Salt.” For a complete breakdown and company history, check out this video: https://performancenutbutter.com/pages/about-performance-nut-butter

I really like the message behind the product and understand Travis’ reasoning to create this product. It tastes great, subtly sweet, not too thick or “sticky” and a wonderful compliment to toast, pancakes, oats or even on it’s own. I took it on a few runs and it went down pretty well, even on my untrained stomach.

In the same energy as a peanut or almond butter packet, PNB provides monounsaturated fats, oleic acid, vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, naturally present in the three ingredients found in the butter. We all need that stuff right?

I just love it cause it tastes GOOD. Currently only available online, check it out and treat yourself to some delicious nutrient power packets!