One Mile At A Time


It’s no secret that speed isn’t my strong point. There are many reasons why I’m glad I didn’t run in college or high school, but that raw speed I didn’t develop is one sore spot.

Its simply hard to teach an older athlete to run fast when they’ve never done it. It’s hard to explain that feeling. Pushing so hard, allowing my body to feel it, to suffer, and know it’s ok.

To believe I won’t break. To believe I can go that fast.

I’m still not sure if I’ve figured it out, but I’m getting there.

One mile at a time.

Just show up. Just get there. Just try. One mile. Just do one.

Those are the thoughts I have before every single workout.

Just do one mile. One rep. Just try.

Then I’ve done one, and I didn’t blow up.

Ok, rest interval, gain my composure. The next one is 5 seconds faster.

Just try.

Ok, my legs feel better, primed. This one feels alright.

I can do this.

Every single workout. Every single time I meet my training partners.

They make me better, they make me believe.

They can hit the fast paces, so I’m only a second behind them.

So I can too.

Belief, that makes all the difference.

One mile at a time.

Ellie Pell