Scott Parr

How to introduce my friend Scott…he is such a dynamo and it might be hard to do him justice. He started ultrarunning just over a year ago and is now a force on the Beast Coast. I first met Scott at a Fat Ass 8 hour race organized by our dear friend Michael Valone called MFAMTL. He ran the whole 8 hours and completed over 50 miles. After that, the fire was lit…and Scott has been lighting up the Trails Roc scene ever since!

Scott recently ran Bandera 100K in Texas and Black Canyon 100k in Arizona, both of which are Golden Tickets to the Western States 100 Mile race (too legit to quit for real). Scott himself just signed up for his first 100 miler, the War Hammer 100.

That brief introduction does not do this guy justice, so head to his blog (linked below) for more about this fantastic ultrarunner!


Name: Scott D.Parr

Age: 39 

Current Shoe: Saucony Peregrine 7

How long I’be been running: 5 years

Favorite Distance: 100K 

Favorite Post-Run meal: Omg Hot Breakfast 

I am a father to start of five wonderful teenage to preteen kids. I do think they were the first real test I was given with endurance and been patient with any given situation on lack of sleep and a tired body. #trailrunning

I have enjoyed being outdoors my whole life. I love the feeling of being free, taking adventures on spur of the moment, an idea with no set plan in sight. Just go with the flow. Something that might terrify some people, but in my eyes I see it as an opportunity to explore new places I’ve never been. Meet exciting new people and interact with their lifestyle. 

Running has totally fulfilled this for me. Both with meeting my trail family and taking me to foreign landscapes unfamiliar to my body. I stretch my limit to see how my body can handle any given situation. I sign up for events, that might seem impossible to people. What a since of adventure and a way to live my life. This is what my ultra adventures are all about. Getting out of my own comfort zone and trying to crush the unimaginable. Destroying the thoughts that are telling me to quite, that the pain will go away. Pain lasts a few days, but the memories will last a lifetime.

Finally I want to be a role model for my kids, and that of the people I surround myself with. In many way they have already inspired me. That nothing is out of our reach. If you think it might be impossible to do, do not let fear scare you. Get out a crush it, there’s a way to make it possible. 

Instagram: Sparrsr


Ultrasignup: Scott Parr

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