Still Chopping Wood, Still Carrying Water

Taking recovery seriously has been an issue for me in the past. After the Buffalo marathon in 2016, I felt pretty good a week later and jumped back into things quickly.

Tortiose and Hare.jpg

To be honest, I feel pretty good two weeks post, but I just don’t want to chance anything. I’ve run a few times, cross train some and have traded miles for minutes on the foam roller.

I find that if I occupy my off time, it’s easier to not run. It’s easier to let the healing happen.

Off season does not mean I leave the running world or put my goals on hold.

I have done that before, I actually did it during my last off season. I needed to get away from it for a while. That helped me heal. I was burned out really badly and also coincidentally, I was injured so running was going to wait.

This off season, I don’t feel burned out. I actually miss and still love running. 5 months of training and 1 day off. Yep, I still love it. I still get up and go on a walk every morning dreaming of my next training cycle.

That’s what this off season means for me. I am planning. I am preparing. I am resting with intention to make the next season even better.

My plans are to be in this off season till July, whereby I will begin training again for a fall marathon. I will run maybe a handful of times, mostly during fun trail runs and races to shake things up and see my friends.

While I go through my day, I still spend a considerate amount of time working on my body for this sport. I stretch, do mobility work, flush out my legs and foam roll often. I will start core work, balance and a new (to me) strength training routine this next week.

I use my off season to plan and get ready for what’s to come. I map out my season and the races I will be doing. I plan my strength training and see how it will work into my new job position hours.

Basically, I enjoy my extra time thinking in theoretical ways and letting myself imagine. Imagine a good build. Practice mental strength and visualize my season.

Life is good.

Ellie Pell