Vinny Cappadora


This guy.

This family man.

This incredible runner.

There’s not a whole lot more I can say about him, because I am still getting to know his as we meet at more races and events. His kids (toddlers!!!) are already racing in track meets and doing the ladies of the Ithaca running scene proud. I cannot wait to see how he fosters their development in a world where the pressure on young girls is extremely profound.

Name: Vinny Capp 

Age: 40

Current shoe: Literally on my last horded pair of Pearl Izumi N2s (Also Scotts sometimes) 

How long have you been running: Ran in high school, starting smoking etc. Picked it back up again when I was 30 

Favorite distance: 100miles 

Favorite post-run meal: Bacon and eggs maybe some hashbrowns with a cup of coffee 

Met my wife running. We were training for my first marathon her 3rd or 4th. We were training with TNT and we were on an 18 mile run. I was dogging it, bad. I needed someone to talk to, so I could get my mind off being in pain.  Struck up a conversation. Turns out we had a lot in common.  We ran together often after that. Then after the marathon we went out for a few celebratory drinks, and hit it off. Shortly after that we started dating.. and that was that.  Best thing about it with us, is that we got to know each other pretty intensely after running so much together. Our runs were better than any dates we ever could have been on. In fact, I don't think we went on a proper date for a while into our relationship. Usually it was a post run meal.  

Since so much of our relationship revolved around running once we got into ultras it was only natural we crewed for each other.  Nichole once crewed for me at VT100 , with my 11 year old daughter, and our 3 year old daughter... and Nichole was 7mths pregnant!  Pretty sure she deserved that buckle more than I did.  

Connect with Vinny:

IG: @vinnyruns

Ellie Pell