It's Like Ripping Off a Bandaid...In a Good Way

I used to have a blog. It was fun. Blogging in my late teens and early 20s helped me get through the loneliest parts of my life. I moved to a new city, knew no one and had kicked myself out of my family.

That’s just not who I am now.

It was time to start anew.

I feel more prepared, but not with a plan. This website is a resource, for anyone or no one. But I’m going to keep it up, on weekends, when I have extra time.

Because I like writing. I like interacting. I like using words to make people feel comfortable.

That’s all most of us want really, to feel comfortable even when we live in discomfort.

I run. A lot. It hurts sometimes. Heck, some weeks all it does is hurt. But it also is comfortable. Making uncomfortable situations normal, making pain my friend, becoming resilient, that all is comforting to me.

If I didn’t hurt a little bit each day, I think life would lose a bit of meaning. It’s supposed to be hard.

It’s through those moments, those hours, those times when I cry or yell or get inside my head with emotional pain, that make my life worth something.

I enjoy a good book. I love to make food. I appreciate sunshine, newspapers, naps, memes and a good talk with a good friend. I have a really great life. I am blessed in every way.

It is for these reasons I love working hard. Because if it’s not hard (most of the time) then some of the satisfaction of survival just simply isn’t there.

Pleasure in pain, but also in simplicity. My life isn’t glamorous, nor would I want it to be. I like easy things, simple pastimes, food and conversation. I’ve cultivated a minimal existence because I know that I am alive for a blip of time. However, I can do a lot of damage in that time, to the planet and to others.

It is with this website, and perhaps with my words and voice that I can do a little bit of good.

That I can make one person feel comfortable, or as Nicole Anionette says, make someone feel like they’re less alone, then the purpose of this art is worth it.

With that, I’ll end this first post. I encourage you to check out some of the other pages on the site if they might interest you. I am very excited about the “Need To Talk?” tab under my About section and if you so choose, reach out to me through that form or through email.

Embrace the day, find someway to work hard, smile big guys, sometimes that’s the only power we have.

Ellie Pell