Pete Kresock

I’ve been fortunate to get to know Pete through a myriad of running related events in Ithaca and beyond. He is an active member of the Ithaca Runners Club and directs or organizes many of their events. Pete is also an ultramarathoner and has joined me in many of the races I competed in during the 2017-18 season.

Pete has a blog The Long And Winding Trail where he writes about his various running adventures. I was fortunate to get Pete to answer some quick hit questions to kick off my interview series, focusing on my running friends.

Please enjoy getting to know a bit more about Pete!


Name: Pete Kresock

Age: 36

Current shoe: Good question—it depends on what type of run I'm doing. The Salomon Sense Ride is my go-to shoe for most trail runs. On roads, I'll default to the Brooks Ghost for long runs and easier efforts. For tempo runs and other quality mileage on roads, it's usually the Altra Escalante, and on the indoor track the Altra Solstice is my go-to. 

How long have you been running: About 14 years. 

Favorite distance: 100 miles. I enjoy the major challenge of trying to endure for that long. Plus running through the woods all night with a headlamp is an incredible experience in itself. 

Favorite post-run meal: The vegan burrito from Viva, in downtown Ithaca.

My first ever "run" was a lap around a 400-meter, outdoor track in August 2004. My college roommate, who ran high school cross country only two years earlier, asked if I wanted to run with him. Not wanting him to show me up, I agreed. Two minutes later I was bent over, gasping for air after jogging just one lap. Rather than giving up on physical fitness, I welcomed the experience as a wake-up call to how out-of-shape I'd gotten by the age of 21. A few days later, I began running/walking intervals regularly and overhauled my crummy diet. The lifestyle changes began to payoff and it wasn't long before I got hooked and found myself running 3-5 miles almost every day. Over the years, I built a strong base mileage and eventually worked my way up to racing marathons and beyond. The most surprising thing about the whole process was how easy it all was once I added those few miles into my daily routine, making exercise a habit rather than a chore. Once the daily run became, for the most part, non-negotiable, the rest was just a natural progression. 

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