5 Months

That’s how long I’ve been training.

5 months.

1 rest day.

40 workouts.

20 long runs.

1 case of hypothermia.

3 breakthrough workouts.

20 hours of foam rolling

40 strength workouts

60 core workouts

9 lbs of peanut butter

9 lbs of almond butter

25 Rich Roll podcasts

4 pairs of Ghost

3 pairs of Kinvaras

1 half marathon PR

1 10k PR

1 trail marathon win


And a 1000-watt smile through it all…(except the hypothermia run).

This is the fun. This is the work. This is why I get up early. This is why I’m happy. This is what gives me a sense of purpose when other things don’t. It’s the daily grind. The little joy I have, for 2 hours, everyday before most people are awake.

I’m no better or worse than anyone else. I could blow up at the race. I could do well. Anything could happen.

However this, this process, finishing this training block, that’s what I’m most proud of.

This means so much more to me than any race result. This is the joy in the journey.

I’d gladly do it all again, and I will.

Ellie Pell