Eric Eagan

I have had the pleasure of getting to know Eric and his wife Sheila through their trail running club TrailsRoc. A few years ago, I got to know them more intimately through my favorite race, Many On The Genny, which they direct through their racing company, Trail Methods. I will be so sad to miss it this year, but will certainly return in the future, it’s my favorite race.

Eric is one of the most impressive people I’ve ever met. When you meet him, he’s got this tough-guy-linebacker persona. He jokes around a lot and banters with everyone. However, this guy cares. A lot. Following him on Twitter is just one way you can see, this guy is smart, kind and a real change maker. He also works in the Rochester City School District, mostly with kids from harsh upbringing or those who struggle to stay engaged in school. He’s just a great person and does so much.

He is coming back from injury right now, and it’s been a really long road for him. But, I know he will heal up and become and even better version of the runner and athlete he was. No pressure Eric.

He answered my questions, and then sent me a blog post, which I absolutely this is essential and something totally Eric. I have linked to it here: Do You Even Crew Bro?

Enjoy getting to know Eric, hopefully we’ll see you at some of his events this year!

Name: Eric Eagan

Age: 38

Current shoe: Topo MT2 or Columbia Trans Alp FKT

How long have you been running: 30 Years

Favorite distance: 1/2 marathon

Favorite post-run meal: Pizza

Running to me recently has been about community and others. The past 3 years I have not been able to run and I have found directing events and creating new and fun routes to be as rewarding (almost) as completing them myself. My wife and I have directed dozens of races over the years and led thousands of runners on group runs and exploration events. The relationships and stories that come out of those runs are amazing. You don't need a bib to be competitive or be a runner - Just head out the door!

Ellie Pell