Lesley Middleton

Lesley is one of the most versatile athletes I’ve ever met. She can really do it all, and do it really well. I had the good fortune to be her housemate for 6 months before she moved to Ohio and sort of learned how she does it.

She works SUPER HARD. She trains SUPER HARD. She loves SUPER HARD.

She also has this kind of balance that I somehow cannot grasp. I can only focus on one thing (running) while she just excels at everything. She does triathlon, yoga, kickball, takes classes AND runs everyday.

She cooks delicious food, maintains her apartment (I was so gross compared to her) and finds time to watch This Is Us and play with her cat.

One day, I’ll figure out how she does it.

Right now she’s preparing for her wedding and became a class instructor and fitness coach after moving to Ohio with her fiance.

Oh yea, she also ran a marathon last weekend in 3:27:05!!!! That’s NUTS!

Whew, I’m sweating just listening to that.

Here’s a bit more about Lesley and just how great she is:


Name: Lesley Middleton

Age: 32

Current shoe: Asics kayano, but switching to a neutral New Balance ;)

How long have you been running: I would say 12-13 years

Favorite distance: marathon for now, but current marathon training makes me re-evaluate, Haha. Halfs are more realistic to train for, and the sprinting involved in 5ks isn't my favorite

Favorite post-run meal: something salty like popcorn, and sweetened coffee

I didn't run in high school or college, hated running in fact. My dad was running for fitness and I thought to myself, "How can he run 4 miles and I cannot, yet I'm so much younger?" I started jogging on the treadmill, jogging during the tv show i was watching watching and walking during commercials. I started running with a group of older Ladies (40 to my 20) in Ithaca, and my confidence and abilities improved. After completing a half marathon, I signed up for a full in the spring of 2012, missing the Boston qualifying time by 40 sec. I signed up for another marathon that fall, qualified for Boston. I ran the Boston marathon in 2013-2018, missing the time actually needed by 40 seconds, qualifying by 3:30min. I met great people at Boston, and am now trying different marathons, #13 coming up in May. Some of my favorite people are runners, who I likely wouldn't have met if I didn't run. These friends have made me a faster runner, listened to my life problems, and have shared in some of the best experiences with me. I like to think that my Boston streak is my claim to fame, but really its all the friendships I've made and the memories we share and keep creating together on these adventures... wouldn't trade them for anything!

Ellie Pell